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WunderKammer Exhibition - Cabinet Of Wonders

Memento Mori Series

April 13 and 14 2019 - 12 rue de la Paix - Paris

The ideal, demanding and sharp THE CABINET OF WONDERS® of the Grand Art de Vivre®.



After having travelled the world in search of creators with timeless know-how and innovative ideas, Grand Art de Vivre® wanted its very precious Curiosity Cabinet. Creating a dreamlike and ideal space-time setting, presenting nature's masterpieces and intellectual and sensitive wonders.

Grand Art de Vivre® organizes events to promote the artists we admire and who are masters in their field.

These exhibitions each have a theme, the next one is that of the Cabinet des Merveilles "Easter WunderKammer, Decorator & Creators, the Cabinet de Curiosité Contemporain".Grand Art de Vivre® is guided in its artistic selections by the intellectualism of the subject, aesthetic research, excellence of know-how, preciousness, limited edition or the unique work of internationally recognized artists or to be discovered.

Like the Curiosity Cabinet of the humanist prince, the most varied techniques are represented: sculpture, installation, photography, painting, ink, embroidery, engraving, jewellery and artists from all over the world will be on display: Japan, Australia, Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy, Brazil, United States, Germany.

All these works are staged according to the set designer's scenography to create an immersive space, an atmosphere in accordance with the proposed theme.


"Only that which is dead can be reborn"


We will be a few days away from Easter and spring, the theme is renewal.
From coral to egg, from Renaissance to Resurrection, from Peacock to Phoenix; where paganism meets shamanism, Nature meets Culture, secular art meets religious art.

Chinese lacquer red and gorgonian red, Klein blue or Cobalt blue and midnight blue, rot-proof gold and shimmering silver, ink black and full white make up Easter Wunderkammer's universe. A bright space where candles on baroque torches will bring a wonderful renaissance atmosphere, while sparkling and reflecting.

Grand Art de Vivre® thanks from the bottom of its heart all its artists who trust it and allow it to offer you this artistic immersion.

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Grand Art de Vivre

36, rue Scheffer 

75116 PARIS

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