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S.O.S - Save Our Sources !

2009 - Ecomusée de Marquèze - Travelling exhibition in FRANCE - ITALY - GREECE - SWEDEN - HUNGARY - POLAND AND BULGARIA

The exhibition "S.O.S, Save Our Sources! ", which could be translated as "Let's get back to life! ", is a citizen-oriented alert message, which aims to strengthen the awareness of young and adult audiences with regard to their environment, particularly through the prism of rural heritage. Indeed, rural heritage is a major resource rooted in landscapes, skills, techniques and traditions that can inspire and benefit our current lifestyles.

Seven countries are participating in this project (France, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria), whose theme, "Rural heritage and sustainable development", is addressed around three exhibitions, each developing a privileged axis: landscape, intangible heritage and tangible heritage. France, Sweden and Hungary have chosen this last axis, which allows, on the one hand, to revisit a heritage characteristic of ecomuseums and social museums, by putting it in dialogue with current issues of sustainable development.

Cult-Rural - Exhibition - Ecomusée de Marquèze in Sabres (Landes), France

The exhibition was inaugurated on January 9, 2009.


Illustration command for 12 messages for the exhibition.

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