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Official selection Image Festival Photographs 

2013 - Paul Courbelay Exhibition Area - LE MANS
Le festival des Photographiques se met à table

Le festival des Photographiques se met à table

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The Photographers sit at the table!


The menu that is being prepared will offer first or sophisticated foods, stories of meals and staggered meals, dreams of cultivation and nightmare seeds, visions of flesh, desires of diversity, invitations to share,...
As rightly so, it will play a large part in local production and, as always, will bear witness to the vitality of contemporary photography.



I would like to warmly thank the festival director, Yves Bres, for allowing me to participate in this wonderful adventure.
Thanks also to Jean François Camp, director of the Central Dupon laboratory, for the prints.
The theme of nutrition is my first work built. I keep working on this idea, it's not obsessive but almost!
I am not militant, I am not marching, I am not going on strike. But I look at the daily life on our plates.
Everything was worked on at the studio.
No reports in slaughterhouses, I wanted to escape the documentary.
The idea was to create another visual shock that unravels what the media have made almost invisible through repetition. And thus give real form to animal suffering.
What inspires me is to capture in a silent image something that sounds like a muffled cry that no one hears.
And then when I hear the Findus affair, the horse instead of the ox or the return of animal meal, I think there is still a lot to do, to say and to show.
These are the stories I tell in my impressions.

So I'll leave you with these usual deaths.

Dead animals don't talk much.
So I kept my mouth shut too.
Solidarity obliges.


Marine Foissey

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